Dear Friends


Thank you for the kind donations. We also continue to receive donations from other parts of the world; USA, Israel, Qatar, Hong Kong, Australia and Nepal.

To reassure you, Maya Outreach has dedicated team members and volunteers in Nepal. We are fortunate to be working alongside a philanthropist Captain Vijay Lama; a senior RNAC Pilot and a multimedia personality.

Vijay Lama has initiated and advocated to lead the humanitarian relief work for Maya Outreach. He will be visiting the disaster zone on Tuesday 12th August to meet the flood victims. Vijay Lama’s mission will be hear their stories; offer them hope, strength, support and encourage the people to recover emotionally and physically.

Vijay Lama will urge the local government, NGOs, communities and individuals to work together. We want to help the flood victims rebuild their Lives, their Livelihood, their Future.

Maya Outreach will place emphasis on longer term recovery and resilience building to ensure people are less vulnerable to the next disaster.


Once again, thank you. Your support is important to us.

Please click here for donation page.

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